Outlander Season 3: Claire and Jamie together, the life of the Scotsman will be upset!

Cinema 24 January, 2017

Now that we know that Claire and Jamie will be together in season 3 of Outlander, Sam Heughan has teased the life of his character in the coming days after this meeting and it’s going to be difficult!
Claire and Jamie will have an impact in Season 3 Outlander ! While they have been separated for over twenty years, the sisters souls will gather and elsewhere, Caitriona Balfe had tease the scene of their reunion in the season 3 of Outlander . According to the actress, it was beautifully written and it will include an intense emotion! We do not doubt it for a second. But if this scene of their reunion is the one we expect the most, we also wonder what will happen in the days that follow for Claire and Jamie Fraser. Will they fall back into each other’s arms? Will there be a time of adaptation and especially how will Jamie deal with his lost love now that he remarried? Sam Heughan, the interpreter of the Scot, made some confidences on the following about his character! Find out immediately.
After their victory in the People’s Choice Awards , Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan lent themselves to the game of questions and answers with their fans . You can also see the video HERE . While they were curious about what would happen in the days after their reunion, Sam Heughan made some confidences. According to the actor, a day after the meeting: “Hell will be released and the world will be completely upset.” . We believe it, but will they become again lovers that we knew immediately or will they take a lot of time? This question remains mysterious but we are eager to know! Besides, when will be released the trailer for season 3 Outlander? One thing is for sure, we are looking forward to it as will the return of Claire and Jamie on our screens! What do you think of their answers?