Outlander season 3: Claire, Brianna & Frank, an unpublished photo unveiled!

Cinema 22 December, 2016

What happiness ! An unusual photo of Outlander’s Season 3 has just been unveiled and is adorable. Discover immediately this cliché family with Claire, Frank and Brianna!
The more Outlander Season 3 unfolds, the more unbearable the wait. This series takes us just guts and we look forward to seeing the lighthouse duo Jamie and Claire. Besides, Sam Hueghan promised special reunion in the season 3 Outlander between the two characters. How will Jamie react to the woman he loved so much? One thing is certain, it will be epic. Anyway, during his absence, Claire has a new life alongside Frank and had to raise her little Brianna with him , even though his biological father left Jamie. Moreover, his daughter learned the whole truth twenty years later, during the Season Finale of season 2 of Outlander. To us the mouth water, Entertainment Weekly just shared an unpublished photo of Season 3 and it is simply adorable … Watch it now!
Entertainment Weekly just shared about her Instagram a simply adorable shot of Season 3 of Outlander . One discovers Claire in the maternity, holding in his arms Brianna and Frank standing by their side. This family picture is beautiful and touching . Frank seems the happiest of men but it makes us a pinch to the heart to know that Jamie could not live this moment … In any case, even Claire looks happy and looks at her first husband with tenderness. One thing is certain, that we are eager to discover this scene that promises to be filled with emotion. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until April 2017 … Until we know more, find out if you are unbeatable on the Claire and Jamie Fraser couple! What do you think of this picture?