Outlander Season 3: Jamie and Claire back together? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 10 January, 2017

All fans of Outlander look forward to Season 3. Will Claire and Jamie find each other? Caitriona Balfe made some confidences about the continuation of the episodes. Attention SPOILERS!

Eternal love ? There are a few weeks, Sam Heughan revealed that the reunion between Claire and Jamie will be special in season 3 of Outlander . Inevitably, after more than twenty years separated from one another, the couple lighthouse will be time to catch up . One thing is certain, this season 3 will be intense and explosive. In addition, during the pre-Golden Globes, Caitriona Balfe made many confidences to IT for future episodes. According to the interpreter Claire Fraser, “You can not keep these two apart, really. We spent time on the lives of two characters when they were separated. We have a lot Treaty of Jamie’s life during these 20 Years, and we’ll see a bit about Claire. “My story resumes where we were at the Season Finale of Season 2. So you’ll definitely see Tobias Menzie, which is never a bad thing I’d say. .
Obviously, things will not be simple between Claire and Jamie when they meet again. Caitriona Balfe also added: “It will also be very tense, because I think that anyone who has spent as much time away from the person she loves, even if it’s just a long distance relationship, will Once you meet again, you will have all the expectations and all the things you think and you think about how this will happen.But life never happens as planned.I like this kind of complications ! ” . Well, we are eager to witness their reunion and their rapprochement. Although it will be difficult at first, their love is so strong and so powerful that he is sure that they will find it. Until we have more information on this season 3 Outlander, discover if you are unbeatable on Claire and Jamie Fraser! What do you think of his confidences?