Outlander season 3: Sam Heughan (Jamie) and his family harassed by fans!

Cinema 5 November, 2016

outlander-saison-3-season-3-jamie-claireSam Heughan, the star of Outlander, which is shooting Season 3, and relatives are being harassed by fans of the series on social networks. The Jamie Fraser performer out of his reserve.

Since he became a superstar thanks to the series Outlander, the season 2 DVD release , Sam Heughan, but also his colleague Caitriona Balfe, is frequently victim of unpleasant fans on social networks tirades . Recently, a friend of Sam has paid the price. It all started when the actress Mackenzie Mauzy posted a photo on her Instagram Highland account. It was enough that the situation is complicated. The young woman was annoyed by some fans Outlander. Sam Heughan got involved and the backlash was violent for the actor . Why ? Because the actor asked people to stop harassing her when she posted a simple photograph (and a very nice plus). He responded on Instagram account of her friend and then again on his own Twitter account to try to calm things down . Unfortunately, this has had the opposite effect. Sam Heughan is a regular in the violent behavior of fans of the series. The source of all problems is the ship Claire / Jamie. Some fans would like to see the two actors come together. For others, the chemistry that we see on the screen is true and Caitriona and Sam would be together. In short, the situation is not ready to work out.

William Shatner, the famous Captain Kirk of Star Trek, a friend of Heughan, was also involved in the controversy to defend. Again, this was not the first time and a little crazy fans Outlander did not let go of the tweet Shatner. In short, it is very complicated on many social networks for players in the series Starz . Heughan Balfe and have beautiful and yet still deny they are a couple, they have beautiful ask to be left alone their families and friends, they are just doing their job, nothing works. Some fans Outlander you can find the first pictures of Caitriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies on the set of Season 3, continue to harass, and that’s a shame. Is it you slow the return of Outlander ?