Outlander season 3: Sam Heughan (Jamie) wishes fans a happy new year on the set

Cinema 2 January, 2017

Sam Heughan, Jamie’s interpreter in Outlander left a message to his fans. He wished them a good year on the set of season 3 of the series. Discover his message!

This is the great custom of New Year. Everyone has sent messages to his family and his entourage to wish them a happy new year 2017. The stars were not immune to this rule and Sam Heughan that Jamie Fraser interpreter in Outlander , left a lovely message to all the fans of the show to wish them a happy new year. While he was on the set of Season 3 of Outlander, Sam Heughan, which recognizes that Jamie will be unrecognizable in the suite, has taken possession of the camera and addressed the Outlanders ! Discover now the video, her adorable message to start the year in style!
How not to fall under its charm? Sam Heughan left a message to all the fans Outlander via a shared video on the day of the year on the official Twitter account of the series and the network Starz. Sam Heughan is dressed like Jamie Fraser but he stayed young. Yes, we know in Season 3 of Outlander , Claire and Jamie will meet 20 years later and they will have aged a little. Does this video mean that the actor was turning a flashback or that the series will not watch him? Who knows, in any case, Sam Heughan passed the following message: “This is the New Year, Cheers Outlanders 2017 and future adventures..” . Well one thing is for sure is that we wait to see season 3 Outlander that will return next April .. .