Outlander season 3: Sam Heughan “The reunion with Claire will be special”

Cinema 3 December, 2016

Season 3 Outlander will be intense and overwhelming. Besides, Sam Heughan revealed that the reunion between Claire and Jamie are just special and we have no doubt …

outlander-saison-3-retrouvailles-sam-confidencesSeason 3 Outlander will be back in April 2017 . How are we going to wait all this time before returning to the flagship duo Jamie and Claire Fraser? For us it is one of the most beautiful couples of the series and their chemistry is amazing and poignant. In season 2 of the TV show, the two characters were forced to separate, but we know they will be in season 3 of Outlander. However, more than twenty years will have passed. If they thought of both their soul mate was dead, how will they react when their reunion? We wait to see their first look! If Sam Heughan revealed that Jamie will be unrecognizable in season 3 of Outlander, it has also given on this so magical moment that we are waiting! Discover now the details of the reunion between Jamie and Claire Fraser!
Sam Heughan spoke to PopSugar about the reunion with her character Claire after twenty years of absence in Season 3 of Outlander . He will love conquer all? The actor revealed: “In his mind, Claire is dead It is in the future, to live a different life and she thinks he’s dead, they will both create new lives one without the.. another to try to survive and cope. So you can imagine when they will finally meet, it will be quite special. time passed, they became different people, but they have this great love and link so special and strong. ultimately, it is the grace that brings them together. They have a great history. it’s really wonderful to play those characters that have so changed since the first season, but hopefully you will still see what attracted them both first. ” . The reunion ahead passionate, emotional and overwhelming. While waiting to learn more, discover if you are unbeatable on Jamie and Claire Outlander in! How do you imagine their reunion?