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Entertainment 10 September, 2017


In a column published this week on the blog of the prestigious New York Times, Chris Bickerton, a professor pro-Brexit, rake Emmanuel Macron. A president missed “.

Finished dreaming ! This is summarized in the forum dedicated to Emmanuel Macron, signed by Chris Bickerton, a professor at the English university of Cambridge, and published this Friday, 8 September on a blog of the New York Times. This professor, pro-Brexit, which, from the title of his editorial that announces the color : “Emmanuel Macron will be yet another failed french president ” (” Emmanuel Macron will be yet another French president to fail “). Also, although admitting that abroad, Emmanuel Macron has helped to restore the image of French diplomacy, by posing as an equal to Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin, the teacher explains that in the field of domestic policy, it is a whole other story.


Recalling the dizzying fall of popularity in the polls of the French president, Chris Bickerton, explains that ” the popularity of Emmanuel Macron suffers from something more fundamental : the macronisme “. And to argue that ” the political project of the French president is focused on his own person. A large part of its appeal comes from its youth, its dynamism, its beauty and its oratory skills. This approach hyper-custom has always presented the risk that once the spell past, there remains nothing, which is exactly happening “.


A forum in which the author weeder the French president in particular for ” his arrogant attitude towards power , “which would, according to him,” destroyed the image of anti-establishment that Emmanuel Macron has cultivated during his campaign “. The intellectual anti-european would also like to express its scepticism about the reform of the labour code, the first major project of the office of the president : “Any decrease in unemployment continued in France would be welcome, but the experience of other countries suggests that this would involve new forms of inequality. (…) In the labour market is highly deregulated in the uk, record levels of jobs exist in parallel to the low productivity, stagnation of wages and the proliferation of short-term contracts. Is this the future that France wants ? “questions and Chris Bickerton.


A column published on the day on which Emmanuel Macron, official travel in Greece, explained that the approach of the first protests against his reform of the labour Code, he didn’t give in to the pressure : “I do not give away nothing, or lazy, or cynical, or to the extreme “, he assured in the garden of the French School of Athens. A formulation clumsy on which the communication service of the Elysée has returned the same evening to clarify that the term “slacker “was aimed at” those who were in power these last 15 years and who have done nothing wrong , “and not the French.

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