Pacific Rim 2: A first official image unveiled, Scott Eastwood at the cast

Cinema 7 February, 2017

Good things come to those who wait for. The proof: a first official image of Pacific Rim 2 was unveiled, and Scott Eastwood confirmed his presence at the cast.
It has not been easy between all cancellations or delays, but finally, Pacific Rim will be entitled as a result he deserves in 2018. Certainly it will not be directed by Guillermo Del Toro, but Steven S . DeKnight is not bad either , when we know that it is behind the film Spartacus and Netflix series Daredevil. And the headliner is none other than John Boyega, aka Finn in Star Wars 7: The Force Wake . He is the son of Idris Elba, aka Stacker Pentecost. For now, this is all we know of the film except that it eventually be known as Pacific Rim: Uprising and not Pacific Rim: Maelstrom as previously tease. But the shooting has started for some time now and something tells us that we should not be late in getting some details. And we must believe that we are right since the first official photo has been unveiled by John Boyega himself on his Twitter account. And she is most intriguing.
We can especially see that John Boyega, aka Jake Pentecost, is not at all in its pilot Jaeger clothes, like the stills revealed some time ago . But, above all, the room in which it is located, and which corresponds in particular to the building of the Jaeger program, seems to have fallen into disuse. What could he have done? Was the program abandoned, believing that the Earth was finally saved? How many mysteries on which we long to raise the veil. Finally, this is not the only novelty about Pacific Rim: Uprising that we have to share you. The presence of Scott Eastwood had long been suspected, and it is now confirmed ! The actor was spotted on the set of the film, costume Jaeger, and then confirmed the news on his Instagram account . Will he be the co-pilot of John Boyega? Or will it be Cailee Spaeny, who got the main female role? Answer on February 28, 2018! And you what do you think ?