Pamela Anderson enough for … Julian Assange!

Entertainment 15 November, 2016

An unlikely friendship.
pamela-anderson-poste-une-lettre-adresseIt is a friendship for the least surprising that has developed between Pamela Anderson and … Julian Assange! The old siren sulphurous series Baywatch took up the cause of the founder of WikiLeaks, there two years now. Originally, the 49 year-old actress has contacted the Australian journalist to ask him to help with his eponymous foundation , which campaigns for animal rights .
An interview that so smoothly that the ambassador of PETA decided to come again to visit him at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where he stayed to avoid being extradited to Stockholm where he is accused of rape. He fears that the Swedish court would use this pretext to extradite him to the US where he faces trial for espionage.
” Pamela went to visit Julian several times. She loves to smile and support her cause. She is very worried about his health and believes that he has committed no crime and is treated unfairly, very unfair “, said the spokesman of the actress to the magazine People . That’s saying something since Pamela Anderson visited this Sunday, November 14 from Julian Assange, a month after his previous visit. The mom Brandon and Dylan Lee arrived armful of groceries tray, a basket in one hand and a bag of a popular British restaurant chain in the other.
“I brought him a delicious vegan meal. He says it is torture for him vegan food. I really believe in him is a good person. I’m worried about her welfare and that his family. I hope, by some miracle, he will be released , “said she told reporters from the Associated Press. If the nature of their relationship raises many questions, Julian Assange has other fish to fry as it will be heard Monday, 14 November by the Swedish justice. If he accepts, a DNA sample will be taken and, depending on the results, prosecutors decide whether to indict him.