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Entertainment 31 January, 2018


Pamela Anderson has left for California to live with her lover, the footballer Adil Rami in the phocean city. The couple has spent nearly 3 million euros to afford a dream villa in Marseille. Well arrival, the american star takes his mark, and lives in ease.

Pamela Anderson and footballer Adil Rami are installed together in Marseille, in a gorgeous home in the Southern neighbourhoods of the city. According to the information of our colleagues from The Provence region, the two lovebirds have ” made the acquisition of a beautiful house with swimming pool a few hundred yards from the cornice for the tidy sum of € 2.9 million “.

And the star of the series baywatch seems to have already made its mark. The people around have already been able to see the american actress at the wheel of her Smart or out for a stroll with her little dog. Pamela Anderson has also been seen at the Supermarket where she was shopping and on the corniche for a jog. “Discreet “, striking by its “simplicity” : the people of Marseille seem to be won over by their new neighbor.

There are less than a year, Adil Rami and Pamela Anderson met on the Côte d’azur : and immediately, this was a real stroke of lightning. In this period, the footballer is in a couple and the dad of twins born in 2016. For its part, the sultry actress would have been an adventure a bit more complicated, with Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks according to the information of the Provence. For several months, the two lovebirds were multiplied with the back-and-forth between the United States and the South of France to spend a maximum amount of time together.

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