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Entertainment 16 August, 2017


Paris Hilton, 36, has just entrusted to the US version of the magazine Marie Claire that the distribution of her sex tape in 2004 was ” one of the most regret of his life “, a video which, according to the heiress was unable to access the status icon like ” Lady Diana “.

Time passes, and Paris Hilton is still the same. The heiress of 36 years was in effect ,despite the years, kept the ingenuity which ten years ago had catapulted to the rank of the most exposed person in the world in 2006. The icon fashion of the year 2000 that the US version of the magazine Marie-Claire has just opened its columns to a long interview. An interview during which the one who now dedicates himself to the management of its hotels and its 18 lines of products (when it does not bill its set Djette one million dollars), is returned on its course, believing that they have not had the recognition that she thinks deserve it.


The fault, according to her, in the output of the 2004 sex tape 1 Night in Paris, video revealing his antics with Rick Salomon, her companion then. A record that according to Paris Hilton was denied access to the same level as that of Lady Diana. “The woman more bosseuse the middle “, as written by the american magazine, explains : “It makes me feel really bad, because all my life I have admired princess Diana, all these wonderful women and elegant, and I have the feeling that Rick Salomon has prevented me to have that. I could be like that, but because of this video, I will always be judged and perceived as people perceive me because of an intimate moment between my boyfriend and me. I would have wanted to never meet him. It is in fact one of the only regrets of my life. I have not been able to leave home for months at a time. I was so depressed, humiliated. I didn’t want to be seen in public. “grieves-t-it.


An interview in which she also took the opportunity to say all the good it thinks of the current tenant of the White House, a great friend of his father. Also for it, those who have denounced the ” touching ” of the Donald Trump (that she finds “beautiful ” and ” charming “) are ” opportunistic ” : “They are trying to attract the attention and the glory. There are opportunists everywhere. They want money, get paid to say nothing, get an agreement, but that nothing happened. I do not believe what is being said. ” Donald Trump, who you will recall said : “women, you have to treat them like shit ! “.

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