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Entertainment 29 January, 2018

The Voice

At first auditions, blind season 7 of The Voice, the young Rebecca has managed the feat of cry Pascal Obispo. It must be said that the singer has picked a song that has a very particular history for the coach.

The candidates of The Voice know : pick a song from one of the coaches can prove to be a double-edged sword. Be seduced by the occasion, the result is missed, and the tribute as the intention will fall flat. Rebecca, a candidate of the first batch to the blind audition, decided to try the bet. Fan Pascal Obispo for many years – thanks to his mom, who passed on this passion she decided to impress him by performing ” Lucy “.

During his performance, the new coach seems to have gone through different feelings. The surprise and the pleasure, first, and then the emotion. This song has a special meaning for him, as is revealed in the magazine Télé Loisirs. It is not only the title that has allowed the singer to collaborate with Florent Pagny, in 1997, but also the one that pays tribute to his grandmother, Lucy, the one who has learned to walk and took his first steps as a musician. A sacred and emotional, so.

Interviewed by the magazine, Pascal Obispo says : “Sometimes a word, a phrase, a tune that you have heard of a particular moment of your life meaningful to you. Emotion has nothing to do with the technique or the beauty. It is a piece of our history, and it strikes us without warning. “Inevitably, the coach was welcomed with open arms the young Rebecca in his team, realizing the dream of his mom. And it may not be the last time that the interpreter of ” Fan ” leaves its tears in the show. He says himself : “I can tell you that during the filming, there are certain moments where I did not feel well at all, because you need to make choices, to eliminate people, and I was deeply moved.

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Pascal Obispo

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