Passengers: Between Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt who is the most reliable in a crisis? They answer us (EXCLUDED)

Cinema 28 December, 2016

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are now watching the movie Passengers and we met them for an exclusive interview.
We love Jennifer Lawrence, we love Chris Pratt so much to tell you that when the two are together on the screen, we are very happy! The two Hollywood stars are now on view of Passengers, whose criticism is of melty and were visiting Paris a few weeks ago. After leaving Chris Pratt pour a rain of compliments on Jennifer Lawrence, we asked them if they too would be willing to embark on a space voyage 150 years, this is Jennifer Lawrence told us: “While many attempts have been made Successfully, I would like “. Chris Pratt, meanwhile, was more cautious: “I would do it, but now I can not because I have a family and I do not want to let them down I’m at a time in my life. where I take fewer risks than before, but if you had asked me 10 years ago, I would have said yes ” . So responsible!
Their characters are faced with many difficult situations Passengers and we wanted to know which of them were the most reliable when the going gets tough … The answer? Neither ! Jennifer Lawrence announced: “Certainly not me I can not be more clear, no one wants to be with me in an emergency …” , to which Chris Pratt added: “To be honest none of us , Luckily we have people around us who are there to protect us! ” . At least we are warned! See you in theaters today to learn Passengers ! Which of the two would you like to be stuck in space?