Patricia Kaas celebrates 50 years: return on its most beautiful love stories

Entertainment 6 December, 2016

This December 5th, Miss do not sing the blues festival but a double anniversary: ​​fifty years and his thirty-year career. If success has never failed him, she still expects great love, after searching in the palm of some arms …

patriciakaasbestouvFalling in love again. Falling in love again , in English. Between My guy to me , men who pass or He told me I’m beautiful , the choice was not lacking in his repertoire to guess the love sometimes dazzled, sometimes bluesy, it is to the city. But without doubt we should have seen and heard Patricia Kaas singing on stage Falling in love again , as Marlene Dietrich from the film The Blue Angel , to understand its attraction on men and inability to reassure them daily . As Dietrich, she almost interpret cinema, Patricia, seventh child of a minor Lorraine and a German Lorelei is a golden helmet, eye color of ashes, a diaphanous skin, a body seems made for caresses. And then there Kaas, the star who mounted the stairs of fame as his father went down to the mine. The singer from coal without asking too many questions , not ever give up too much. With which it passes or it breaks. Not easy to find a place between Patricia Kaas and. The woman, herself, fears the gas explosions. She often said that his greatest love story was her mother , Irmgard, riddled with cancer while still savoring the success timidly in just twenty years. Mom died. Patricia, by his own admission, has often sought in the eyes of those she has left approaching. Like moths around a flame …

CYRIL PRIOR. More than a manager, this man is the shadow of Patricia for nearly thirty years . One that precedes his needs, anticipates his tiredness, protects the horrors of celebrity. Like her, Cyril Prieur is a child of the East, in Strasbourg rather, who rolled his hump. When the meeting in 1987, he is technician concerts. It is not yet that Miss sings the blues. Before you even get to know, they are recognized. Patricia’s mother guess he will watch over his daughter. On her deathbed, she made him promise to take care of her daughter. Oath taking by Cyril, beyond love. Yesterday lovers, Patricia and today is her true “soulmate”.

ALAIN DELON. In 1990, the Cheetah request to interview Patricia , as part of a program putting it in the spotlight. She’s still a kid, but he sniffs his star potential. The superstar is touched by his sincerity and apparent fragility. He presents all the show biz, invites the weekend in Deauville. Without forcing its reservation. In 1993, the Cannes Film Festival it rolls out its red carpet, Delon offers the Kid Forbach up the steps to his arm . Despite gold records, the complex still stinging under the cloak of glory. Patricia panic and excuse the repetition of his tour to him down. The Alain tenderness it is never assured.

PHILIPPE BERGMAN. Selected to provide first portions of Patricia concerts in 1994, this Belgian singer comes naturally in everyday life. Large brown with blue eyes, it’s beautiful, it’s obvious. But he especially providential figure. La Vie de Forbach has just incarcerate an obsessive fan who, after being harassed missives, was invited to her home one evening. Loneliness is bad-guard body. Bergman lives with Patricia Kaas written to … no longer exists as a “companion”. Jealousy attacks. Out. And trial: Patricia keeper behind former angel in court. He dares to ask him for support for declining living standards. Very bad memories buried in the sands of time.

JEREMY IRONS. Thirty-five years after it staged the amorous impulses of Jean-Louis Trintignant and Anouk Aimée in a man and a woman , Claude Lelouch sets out to tell another great love story, this time between a singer wryly piano bar and a gangster on the run. Patricia does not have to play her character. In the eyes of Lelouch, she embodies. She will play opposite Jeremy Irons. Filming And now … ladies & gentlemen excite the paparazzi. Liaison rumors began to circulate. Irons has to reassure his wife who takes umbrage. At the release of their film, melodrama on oblivion and the power of love, in 2002, the British actor decided to cut all ties with Kaas. It was thus that of cinema.

PATRICK PEPPER d’Arvor. Lover of literature and beautiful women, TF1 journalist Patricia detected by a heroine who does not know. She has the fragile beauty and strength of character. Facing him, his dark eyes that kiss, his velvety voice that capsizes, she feels again become woman. No need for public outpouring. PPDA is backstage when the singer performs live in 2004. Spring Mirage. Everyone ends up the course of his life.

YANNICK ALLENO. When Patricia formalizes its love affair with the star chef in 2008, the press already imagine eating their wedding . The director flavors Hotel Meurice is “tender, considerate, now,” he cooks fish and crustaceans like no other. Despite his bird appetite, Kaas lets give him a mouthful. But it is not these women that holds with such delicious dishes as they are. His career calls . Too often and too far. Love is not a dish best served cold. The couple separated. “I’m not made enough available” , says Patricia, in 2011, two years after their breakup. Before concluding: “Men are afraid of an independent woman. “