Patrick Bruel and Jenifer lend their voices to singing animals in the trailer of Tous en Scene

Cinema 11 January, 2017

Funny and moving, Tous en Scène is the animated film not to be missed at the beginning of the year! Check out the trailer.

After Me Despicable , Minions and Like Beasts , studios Illumination are back with an animation nugget: The Band , directed by Garth Jennings. The pitch? Buster Moon, an elegant koala who runs a large theater, finds himself under a mountain of debts. Desperate to save his precious theater, he suddenly comes to the idea of organizing a singing competition , so The Voice , to improve its image while avoiding the destruction of his dreams and all its ambitions. Five candidates are selected for this challenge: a mouse as seductive as it is dishonest, a young shy elephant devoured by trac, a sow mother of family overflowed by her 25 small marcasers, a young gorilla delinquent Sam Smith fan and a porcupine Punk who struggles to shine in front of her boyfriend at the oversized ego. This little world is going to pick up on the stage of Buster the opportunity that will change their life forever. At melty, we saw the movie, and we laughed a lot. Check out the trailer below!
ith nearly 85 known pieces, all in scene is a veritable repertoire of songs that will make you fishing, but you will also run small tears if you’re sensitive big as us. Then take a handful of humor, a ladle of moving moments and a strong dose of dreams to realize, and you get all en Scène , a feel-good movie as is done rarely . Dubbing include Patrick Bruel in the role of Buster koala Moone, singer Jenifer in that of Rosita sow Laurent Gerra under the magnificent combinations Gunther, the Rosita dance partner. Two former members of the show The Voice also give voice Elodie Martelet for porcupine Ash, and Johnny Perez Sacha gorilla! To discover without delay from the 25 January 2016 .