Patrick Cohen: his declaration of love to his wife Alexandra

Entertainment 5 December, 2016

Elected leader of the year by the magazine GQ , Patrick Cohen had prepared a little speech when receiving his trophy from the mistress of Daphne Bürki ceremony. Very discreet about his private life, the reporter made an exception to thank Alexandra, mother of two of his three children.
cohen-ouv“I wanted to thank those with whom my life is almost normal despite all that I can do in the morning on radio and evening Ç to you … This is my wife Alexandra. Thank you to her. ”
Wednesday, November 23 on the stage of the auditorium of the Musée d’Orsay, Patrick Cohen was a nice touch to his wife Alexandra. After asking the photocall with the mother of his two youngest children, the most listened to man in France had at heart to honor him. Alexandra sat in the front row, preferred to stay back, but she was proud of her husband as evidenced by his twitter account.
Also a journalist (she is currently employed in KM Productions ), Alexandra Cooren met her future husband in the corridors of RTL (where Patrick worked between 1994 and 2007) while working for the show The Missing Journal then presented by Laurence Ferrari . In the columns of Paris in 2015, Patrick Cohen had already confessed that his wife was his “guardian angel”. Admittedly, it must bear the hectic pace of her husband.
“I have two rings programmed on my smartphone, one at 2 h 40, for the morning and the other in 15 hours, for my nap, confided Patrick in Paris last year. The morning or I get up suddenly and am Radio France at 3:45 to attend the 4-hour conference with the presenters newspapers. Either I did not manage to get up two or three mornings a week, and I doze until 3 am about 30. (…) Up to 7 hours, I chat with columnists and I prepare my political interview. “And Le Parisien tell us that after the debriefing 9:00, Patrick remains on the radio an hour or two before you go and joining to 17 hours, the loft C to you up to 20 h 30. for him to 21 hours, working up to 23 hours. “From 23 h 30, this is my red zone,” he blew every day.
Days so smoothly conducted with the precious help of Alexandra with which Patrick found his balance.