Patrick Dempsey talks about his sexual antics drive his wife

Entertainment 18 November, 2016

A poster of the third installment of Bridget Jones Renee Zellweger, Patrick Dempsey was unable to prevent the sexy slip a car interview for Access Hollywood .

patrick-dempseyFor some, the fiftieth anniversary rhymes with midlife crisis. Patrick Dempsey, this will mainly an opportunity to take stock of his life and understand the need to renew. Professionally, he left the series Grey’s Anatomy that made him the star he is today, and has refocused on film Bridget Jones baby. He also took to ease off on film but not on race tracks . The focus this passion allowed him to reconsider his love life. While he failed to divorce the mother of his three children, Jillian Fink there a year, he managed to make a decisive swerved to catch her marriage .
As he told the indeed there is some time to the magazine People , he was “not ready to let [her] marriage” . “There was work to do, and we both want to do it. We must cling, communicate, remain open, do not be lazy and do not give up … and lots of sex! ” He actually put to” work “, to save his family, and it went through sessions Steering rather naughty. Interviewed Wednesday on his passion for cars and his precious Porsche Spyder racing car, Patrick Dempsey admits having spent “a good time” . And it does not refer only to the pleasures of driving. “We have to be creative, but you can do it!” He launched amused.
This is not all though. “We must listen to his heart, we know what is good for oneself. I’m not the best person to give advice on marriage, but we can work out his difficulties. “