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Entertainment 22 December, 2017


Cancer of the bladder, the journalist Patrick Chêne has spoken about his new life and his healing. At the centre of its daily life, the viticulture and basketball.

The battle is not completely won, but the fighter is better. Beginning in 2017, Patrick Oak began his fight against bladder cancer, while he was already away from the tv sets a few months ago. Recently interviewed by our colleagues of The Provence, the journalist passionate about wine, and basketball told of his victory in the face of disease.

“Today, it’s going to.I don’t like to use the word ’cured’, because when one has been sick, they took so many shots in the figure there is a concern to cash other. However, my doctors tell me that I’m cured. For them, it is won; me, I remain cautious, “says Patrick Oak, which was converted into the wine-and also gives a part of his time at the club from the U.S. Avignon / Le Pontet Basketball of which he is the honorary president.

If Patrick Oak ensures a better fit, he therefore prefers to call the caution. This did not prevent him to dedicate himself fully to his projects. “But I feel very well : 98 % of my energy account for 180 % of a normal energy ; it means that I have a lot of. Now, I live completely normally. I hope that all this is behind me, ” he explains. Man of the heart, the journalist had paid a vibrant tribute to the care system of france and to the whole medical body of the public hospital that has helped him to get out.

Photo credits : Ausset Lacroix-Guignebourg/Bestimage

Patrick Oak

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