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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


Patrick Sabatier is expecting a happy event ! The facilitator is going to be a grandfather : his daughter Margaux is pregnant, according to information provided by Paris.

The family of Patrick Sabatier expands, the facilitator of 66 years is about to be grand-father ! Her daughter Margaux is pregnant, according to information published by Ici Paris this week. The young woman is 29-year-old is no stranger to the small screen, since it operates on C8. The year 2017 and ends in beauty to the former presenter of Password – in April, his son Thomas has married his partner, Juliette, in the department of the Mayenne (pays de la Loire).

Patrick Sabatier is rather discreet since the judgment in 2016 of Password, its broadcast on France 2 since 2009. At the time, the chain had explained,” wanting to bring new faces to the antenna and new programs ” – Julien Lepers, Sophie Davant, Michel Drucker suffered the same fate. A choice understood by the facilitator : “It is the choice of the chain that I respect, even if I’m sad for the two million viewers who watched this game, every Saturday in access on France 2,” he explained then.

Some time later, when the announcer has learned that it is finally nagui (French speacker) and the show Don’t forget the lyrics, who replaced him, Patrick Sabatier seemed a lot more bitter about the eviction : “I realize that Vincent Meslet (director of France 2, editor’s note), saying that he wanted to put in the place of Password of the new programs and new faces, I was simply lied to !”, he told journalists in Paris.

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Patrick Sabatier

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