Paul Gascoigne: Swung in the stairs after a new alcohol skid

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

It will end up very badly finish …
More than fifteen years after the sad end of his football career, officially ended in 2004 but damaged by alcohol long before, Paul Gascoigne is more than ever the prey of his demons. Alcoholic as to appear twenty years older , the former England international (57 caps) 49 years old is again the one of the various facts after an incident in a London hotel on Wednesday by the media in Britain.
Ivre, “Gazza” was involved in an altercation with customers of the hotel Ace, a trendy establishment in the Shoreditch district, in the east of the capital. According to testimonies collected, Gascoigne, in a lamentable state ( ” so drunk he drooled “), lashed to other individuals: ” He spat, made racist remarks and groped women, all in swinging banknotes “, reported on Twitter a person present in the hotel. Before indicating that the situation escalated: ” It becomes more and more crazy: Gazza has just been swinging in the stairs of a kick by a guy he had slapped the friend. ”
Solicited first for riot and then for aggression, the forces of the order intervened on the scene shortly after 18 hours. Wounded in the lead, the former Glasgow Rangers striker was taken by ambulance to the hospital where his condition was judged stable. The police investigation continues, but the spokesman Gascoigne has insisted that he “was not arrested”: ” He will soon leave the hospital and be sent home ,” Has -he adds.
Along with his alcoholism for twenty years, Paul Gascoigne has multiplied the legal disputes, the cures in rehabilitation center and the passages in the hospital without it enervies its descent into hell. Earlier this month, the rumor of a relapse and a new passage in rehab had spread, based on statements from a friend. Sentenced last September to a fine for racist remarks during a public appearance in 2015, he was again spoken of in October after being refused, under the influence of alcohol, access to Trains at King’s Cross Station and for leaving a few hours later a gala during which he had to intervene.
The alarming state of Paul Gascoigne has inspired this week to another Twittos, who had met in a public toilet, a terrible message: ” It’s ugly it might be the next to go before the year s. ‘ends. “