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Entertainment 24 August, 2017


Ambassador UEFA for respect and equality, the star of the team of France of football has responded with wisdom to the issue of homosexuality in football.

The subject remains taboo. Wednesday night, Paul Pogba had traded the jersey and cleats to put on the costume of ambassador of the campaign, Equal Game to be conducted by the Union of european football associations. The player of Manchester United has been questioned on a sore subject in the middle of football : homosexuality. The midfield of the team of France did not parade and has imposed a point of view that is full of reverence.

We are no one to judge the player or the opponent next to us. I personally have never seen it. But why not?” commented Paul Pogba, visibly uncomfortable with the question. Each player is a human being like any other, and what he feels is part of his private life. It does not change the footballer that he is,” added the star of the round ball, breaking somewhat the law of silence. Last June, it’s Antoine Griezmann who had referred to the subject in the Spanish daily El Pais. ” We are required to be hard and strong and we are afraid of what he might say. The players does not come out of the closet because they were afraid,” said the co-worker of Paul Pogba in the France team.

If you respected yourself, you have to respect him. That’s all,” concluded Paul Pogba who knows that at the present time that no French professional player, has not revealed his homosexuality. In spite of the battle led by Yoann Lemaire, the governing bodies are slow to show the way. This footballer lover had made his coming out in 2004 and has become one of the door-talking athletes gay. President of the association of Football as a Whole, Yoann Lemaire has announced on France Info that he was working on a documentary on homophobia in the sport.

Abroad, there are few professional players to have announced they were gay. The German Thomas Hitzlsperger had his coming-out in 2014 after his retirement from the sport. In 1990, the Englishman Justin Fashanu revealed his homosexuality in the press before being the target of a campaign of homophobic conducted by his peers and by fans.

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