Paul Pogba poses with a sneaker from Maison Margiela and a Bape Bomber

Entertainment 13 February, 2017

Paul Pogba is preparing to face his brother Florentin in the Manchester United – Saint-Etienne match in the 16th final of the Europa League. On Instagram, the Mancunian posed oklm with a sneaker of Maison Margiela and a bomber of the mark Bape!
Paul Pogba regale. It may not yet be at the level of the future Ballon d’Or it should be but, the midfield midfield impresses on the green square. And outside the grounds, of course. The one who launched a capsule collection with adidas does not hesitate to look after his dress style as well as his flat foot. Adept eccentric hairstyles, Pogba is also a great lover of undermining. The proof, he did not hesitate to take the pose mixing between a jacket of the brand A Bathing Ape and a sneaker of the House Margiela. Without further ado, discover the French international in sapped mode like never before!
Very active on Instagram, Paul Pogba makes us dream with each of his apparitions . The one who should soon face his brother, Florentin, in a field opted this time for the emblematic basketball rising House Margiela. In addition to this white pair that costs “only” 650 euros here, the Mancunian has sported a bomber Bape. If you want to dress like Paul Pogba, you can shopper the jacket that he wears, on the e-shop of the Japanese claw. Otherwise, you can always try to take inspiration from this thing of Pogba which makes crack all the chicks . Like the other, who does not try anything, has nothing!