Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries) and Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon A Time) ultra complices

Entertainment 20 June, 2017

Can there be more than a simple friendship between the former actor of The Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley, and that of Once Upon A Time, Jennifer Morrison? These photos sow the doubt …
It was not easy to say goodbye to the series The Vampire Diaries . Yes, after eight years of discovering the adventures of Elena and the Salvatore brothers in the Mystic Falls mysterious city, we said bye bye to the CW’s TV show . Today, if Ian Somerhalder is about to become a dad filled , Nina Dobrev, she, multiplies projects around the world. But then, where is the interpreter of Stefan Salvatore? In partnership with the actress of The Originals , Phoebe Tonkin, he appeared ultra accomplice with another star that you know well, Jennifer Morrison . Is there more than a simple friendly complicity between the young woman of Once Upon A Time and Paul Wesley?
So, are not Jennifer Morrison and Paul Wesley more than just friends? In any case, they have been seen very complicit lately. If the two stars of OUAT and The Vampire Diaries have been friends for several years, it would seem that a certain alchemy passes between them. But then, Paul Wesley, who re-married Phoebe Tonkin , after a separation of a few months, have they again decided to separate? For the moment, no formalization has been made on this subject. The future will tell us more about this possible new couple. So, in your opinion, can Jennifer Morrison and Paul Wesley get together?