Pauline Ducruet published a cracking shot for the birthday of her brother Louis

Entertainment 29 November, 2016

After recently posted on Instagram with his half-sister Linoué, Stephanie of Monaco’s daughter has just released a soft shot where she embraces her older brother when they were three apples high. A nice touch to celebrate 24 years of Louis Ducruet.

ducruetThe three children of Princess Stéphanie, she is undoubtedly the one that takes the most light. As soon as she can Pauline Ducruet gives the exchange and turns the objectives of those she loves; starting with his brother and sisters.
After posting it four days ago on Instagram, a photograph of starring with his little sister Linoué ( daughter of Daniel Ducruet and its Kelly companion), the half-sister Camille Gottlieb just shared on the social network a file photo showing her in the arms of his older brother Louis.
An image in which the brother and sister have only a few years and are literally chew. In legend, a simple message with a heart: ” Happy Birthday Louis. #Brotherfromthesamemother ”  ; Louis Ducruet who celebrated this Saturday, November 26th his 24 years.
Pauline Ducruet that social media sharing many moments of her life she has chosen to live in the US. In fact, the niece of Prince Albert II of Monaco is currently studying at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York.
An American existence that allows it to go where some of its roots are planted and thus follow in the footsteps of his illustrious grandmother Grace Kelly . The price is to be physically distant from his family including Louis who is currently studying business in Nice.