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Entertainment 13 September, 2017


Very discreet in the media since his failure at the presidential election, François Fillon appeared Monday evening at the meal back to the municipal council of Solesmes (Sarthe) where the seat of his wife Penelope. The opportunity for the former Prime minister to discuss his future and to ensure that the Sarthe remains alive and well on his fief.

On Monday evening, Pascal Lelièvre, the mayor of Solesmes in the Sarthe, was attended by the municipal council which is part Penelope Fillon, and for a meeting of re-entry during which the rehabilitation of a garage in the municipality and the organization of a dinner for the alumni on Saturday, November 11, have been the main issues. After which, all of the elect, joined by their spouses, gathered in a restaurant of this commune of 1230 inhabitants.


The occasion for our colleagues in the Maine Freedom to gather, before he pushes the door of the Beef farmer, the remarks of French prime minister François Fillon. All smiles, the former candidate of the Republicans in the last presidential election has made it known that he has spent ” a part of the summer with me at Solesmes “, before explaining that ” now I’m going to be called upon to do a lot of traveling, but I will come back here regularly. “A secret to put an end to rumors that the couple Fillon would be leaving soon to la Sarthe. Noise that runs from the entry of François Fillon as a partner on the 1st of September last, at Tikehau Capital, a management company, and investment, which manages more than 10 billion euros of assets. A new career in finance on which the husband of Penelope Fillon has not been poured out : “Wait a bit ! “, a-t-he simply launched.


Brief remarks to the local press to reassure the Sarthois of his unwavering attachment to this earth where he has remember, the manoir de Beaucé, a haven of peace 3000 square metres (1107 habitable) set on 13 hectares of land. A declaration which echoes the one made at the end of 2011, the former mayor of Solesmes, Roger Server, at a time when the elected sarthois had decided to leave the department to be present at the deputation, in the seventh arrondissement of Paris : ” I do not know how to do to show that I am attached to the Sarthe ! I’m going to buy a place in the cemetery, like that people will see well that I am attached to Solesmes ! “, he said on the tone of the joke.

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