Penn Badgley new look: Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl is unrecognizable

Entertainment 1 December, 2016

The actor unveiled its new head at the Art Basel festival in Miami.
Radical makeover for Penn Badgley . The actor who played Dan Humphrey in the hit series Gossip Girl unveiled her new haircut at the Art Basel festival which took place in Miami.

penn-badgley-au-festival-du-film-deThe young man of 30 years has surprised her fans by standing on stage with blond hair … everything! After Orlando Bloom or Justin Bieber , it’s Penn who yielded to the tendency of the platinum blonde for the delight of his fans. On social networks, numerous subscribers seemed already love this new look.
Since the decision of the series, Penn Badgley has made some appearances in movies Easy A and Margin Call particular, but it has also launched a new area: the music. It was precisely this in Florida to come and present the new songs he performs with his group Mothxr. In the Life of the Party evening, held at Bricknell City Centre c e Tuesday 29 November, he sang Touch , She Can not Tell and Victim , extracts from his new album.
Like his ex-partner scene Taylor Momsen , who meets a great success with his band Pretty Reckless, Penn Badgley flourishes through music. However, it has not completely abandoned its first love. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post , he explained to be still interested in comedy although it is ” a musician at heart “, who has long dreamed of going on stage.
” I always had this idea in mind, I am not forced me. It’s not something thoughtful or a long cherished project. I just always knew it would happen ,” a-t- he said, adding, about his experience in the series that has revealed: “until now, my acting career has allowed me to live my passion and to complete my career so I’m happy and very grateful. “