Pete Doherty at the Bataclan: Rock’n’roll, irreverent and unpredictable

Entertainment 17 November, 2016

The Briton, a former member of the iconic band The Libertines, was responsible for restoring the Bataclan his punk-rock soul.

pete-doherty-en-concert-au-bataclanFor many spectators, Wednesday, November 16 at Le Bataclan, reopening, true, it was him. Four days after the concert of Sting , the first since the attacks of 13 November 2015 were 90 victims in the room, Peter Doherty was happening in a place that is dear to him. Two concerts were full for weeks and, for fans, an expectation which resulted in a show “on Doherty.”
What to include? It was messy, irreverent, sometimes rock’n’roll punk sometimes, I-me-largely unpolished at possible, and at the same time warm and wickedly gleeful. One likes or dislikes, but Pete Doherty leaves little insensitive. The bad boy of British rock, this old angel face who does nothing like the others and made his credo was, it must be confessed, the perfect opening for this Parisian venue which was the scene of beautiful hours rock, French international.
No offense to Sting , including philanthropy, wisdom and quiet strength contrasted with the energy of a staggering Pete Doherty unleashed. 21h, a young woman comes on stage to ask for a minute of silence in memory of victims … that will last Minute hand shows 10 seconds. The tone is set, the page is turned, and live the rock! It is on La Marseillaise , recovery in chorus by a proud public that Peter Doherty arrives on scene, dark blue suit over a white tank top. Hat, the mischievous smile of a kid in the face of which we can already read it will do a dirty trick, Doherty began his concert by touching it I Do not Love Anyone (Buy You’re Not Just anyone) before engaging on Last of the English Roses , whose words are sung by the audience.
True to its nonchalance, its soft shots as his shots of blood, Pete Doherty then left to make these 90 minutes a time apart, bathed in a spirit rock is definitely revive the Bataclan. Soon, the smell of fresh paint gives way to that of sweat mixed with beer donated to the floor just waiting to feel the fervor since last year, 90 people have collapsed under the balls three terrorists.
Will be discussed during the show Daesh rock’n’roll Doherty. The artist, visibly moved, will target terrorists without that we can really draw a coherent sentence. If this is what ” Fuck Forever Terrorism ” written on a blue-white-red flag, reference to the famous Fuck Forever Babyshambles (Doherty’s old band) which will close its concert jubilant manner.
Meanwhile, Pete Doherty will be invited on stage and on several occasions his friend Carl Barat, with whom he had mounted The Libertines, one of the most significant British rock groups of recent decades . Le Bataclan goes wild, especially when the duo, more accomplice than ever, initiates Up the Bracket , famous under the Libs. There will also be many abused its material, almost as much as the French, he has resumed Oasis, kissed her guitarist Jack Jones (on the chest which was inscribed the name of Nick Alexander, seller death merchandising at the Bataclan ) on a stage where the word brothel was required. A merry mess that feels good.