Pete Doherty: Drugs, Bataclan, Amy Winehouse … the “stray dog” confides

Entertainment 7 December, 2016

The English dandy spoke to “Telerama”.
On November 16, Pete Doherty restored life to the Bataclan , or rather his soul rock with a style all its own. The English dandy then launched a major French tour with his new band, The Puta Madres, in connection with the release of Hamburg Demonstrations , its very charming second solo album . Alongside this back under the spotlight, the sulfur British musician gave a fascinating interview with Telerama . It evokes the symbolism of play at the Bataclan, his father, Brexit, the hookers, drugs, Amy Winehouse but also its relationship to money and the music industry.
” When I was asked, in the month of February, if I could ensure the reopening concert Bataclan, I did not hesitate a second. As if I had been mobilized. There are few things for which I am ready to die, but Paris is one of them , “says the British songwriter. He went further: ” And since music is the other cause for which I am prepared to die, how could I refuse? ”
He is also income on its incredible performance of 16 November. A concert back in the annals of the Paris room and ” had nothing calculated .” ” I’m not help but follow my instinct. I could try to play alone, with acoustic, taking an occasional air. But I could not, and that’s not what was needed ” says one who has ” delivered body and soul ” during the show.
Doherty was also poured on his great friend, Carl Barat , whom he had invited on stage on 16 November. With him he founded the iconic rock band The Libertines became a training ” machine ” with which “we can not be spontaneous .” He tells about his partner: ” He has a wife and children, and for him the time to play just for fun with guys saggy, Gone He moved on It ‘.. qu’enchaînements more airports, major hotels, limousines with enhanced security. ”
All Pete hates. ” This is the problem of rock’n’roll. We sing rebellion against a system and we end up getting paid a fortune to do it ,” enjoys the singer-songwriter of 37 years who considers himself ” stray dog ” lives ” mostly in a camper ” and made of rock ” in a form of disobedience to the rules of show business” .
Basic marginal, Pete Doherty saw this trait to strengthen with the death of Amy Winehouse . ” It is not only the drug that killed her, but the pressure, the pack at his heels. I experienced the same thing, my strongest constitution saved me, that’s all ,” understands musician with no less than three titles echo the disappearance of the interpreter of Back to Black .
Now ” clean ” , Peter Doherty is ” better, emotionally, physically, spiritually and even financially .” And he could reconnect with his father, an army which he could not follow. ” I would not have fallen into drugs, who knows ,” asks the person who was ” rather beefy ” teenager, who played football much better than he sang. ” When I told him I had chosen music, he said, ‘you sing as a savate, you have no musical sense, drops, finds proper job where you have opportunities to shine’ ” , he says. Then he continues: ” He wanted me. And when I became a junkie, he cut ties Over time, he changed his mind now that I’m clean, I want to go see, spend.. time with him, talking. I love him, I respect him. I think it’s still a bit proud of myself. “