Petra Kvitova: first appearance of the tennis player since her assault with a knife

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

Assaulted at her home a week ago, Petra Kvitova left the hospital last Friday. The left arm in splint, she wants to reassure about her health.

A few months of stop in perspective. Petra Kvitova left the hospital last Friday. The Czech tennis player, aged 26, had been hospitalized since the attack Tuesday, December 20. For her first appearance in public since the drama, she insisted on reassuring about her state of health. “I’m fine” , she said, left arm contained in a splint, but smiling. At a press conference in Prague, she assured that she would do anything to return to court on the court.
The tennis player, eleventh in the world ranking, had to be operated on her assault a week ago. Tuesday, December 20, in the morning, she surprised a burglar in his home in Prostejov , Czech Republic. The intruder, armed with a knife, assaulted her before fleeing. It has not yet been found.
Wounded in the left hand, the athlete had to receive the care of a surgeon. Five fingers and two nerves were touched.
Petra Kvitova must keep his splint for six to eight months. She will be stopped at least three months, according to her agent. If the injury is serious, it does not jeopardize the career of the young left-handed athlete.
Petra Kvotiva is known to have won Wimbledon twice, in 2011 and 2014, but also to have lifted the taboo rules at a press conference in 2014.