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Health 13 July, 2017

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The end point of the negotiations on the new convention of pharmacists was highly anticipated, after more than five months of discussion. She had to put on record the desire of evolution of the profession, particularly on the side of the pharmacists, the exercise of which depends to a too large part of the distribution of boxes of medicines.

The pharmacists were asking for a compensation of the act of dispensation, that is to say, the association of dispensing the preparation, and the role of council. The profit margin on the sale, which represents one-half of the remuneration of pharmacists, will eventually be removed. The negotiations were an opportunity to provide for that transition.

And, already in April, the different parties agreed on the changes for 2018. It was on the volume of the envelope proposed by the government to support this transition that the disagreements have focused.

The two unions of pharmacists represented in the negotiations, the PACU (1) and the FSPF (2), demanded 300 million euros, while it had been proposed that 250. Finally, the two parties agreed on a sum of 280 million euros. Gilles Bonnefond, president of the PACU, explains the usefulness of this funding to Pourquoidocteur.

That is what motivated the claims of the pharmacists ?

Gilles Bonnefond : Any of the government’s strategy is today based on the search for savings on the medication. But a price drop, it is a lower margin for pharmacists. Now, we want to have more fees related to the ordinance, a fee specific to medications that require special attention, for the ordinances that relate to the elderly, or patients are very young.

This evolution has already begun, in the last fifteen years. It is slow, but these user fees already exist with the interviews pharmaceutical for the accompaniment of patients under oral anticoagulants or asthma.

(1) Union of trade Unions of Pharmacists

(2) Federation of pharmacists