Philippe Candeloro: This confidence he never dared to share …

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

The practice of skating sometimes hurt him.
He does not have his tongue in his pocket. Whacky character, Philippe Candeloro often uses humor to confront critical or hurtful comments. New evidence with the weekly appointment of Paul Wermus in VOD , The Edge .
Invited as part of promoting his book Woodpecker ice – detective novel published by Archipelago editions he wrote in collaboration with the novelist Serge Filippini and he plans to adapt TV series – Philippe Candeloro submits to “What you never dared to say”. The 44-year-old skater chose to evoke an anecdote dating back to his childhood, in connection with his early practice of ice sport. He’s only 7 years old when his ease on skates was spotted by a coach Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine), where he lives with his parents, Luigi and Maria Theresa, sister Marinelle and two brothers, Alain And Laurent. ” When I was little, I was called a fagot because I was skating, considered a sport chick ,” he reveals, before moving with a sense of humor, as he knows so well do: ” I should have hockey! ”
Asked to respond to ” those who accuse him of avarice ,” Philippe Candeloro is not ashamed to answer: ” .. I am frugal One day everything can stop ” He comes from a modest background, his mother was Chief accountant and his papa mason.
During a recent interview following last October, Philippe Candeloro had evoked with equal frankness his financial wealth . ” I have enough to live two or three years. No more, he says. With all the government tax you, it’s crazy! You’re bleeding all your life and it takes you all. The social, help people, that’s fine, but me tomorrow if I need help, we will not give me anything. so I work, I count only on me, ” he declared.