Philippe Croizon races in the Dakar 2017 for his companion Suzana

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

Six years after crossing the English Channel, Philippe Croizon, launched a new challenge, joining Buenos Aires on 14 January, at the wheel of his buggy equipped especially for him.

” I am tense, I sleep well for weeks. I doubt, I’m afraid. But here we go! “Says Philippe Croizon our colleagues of VSD . And there’s something. Despite his disability, at age 48, the father – two boys – did not back down before this new challenge: to engage in Dakar, the famous co-created by rally Thierry Sabine, disappeared with the singer Daniel balavoine in a tragic helicopter accident on 14 January 1986. the vintage 2017 ad trying for men as machines: seven stages over 400 kilometers, one of more than 500 kilometers, six days longer Of 3000 meters of altitude to connect Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. A new challenge for Philippe Croizon, the man who made a name for himself by crossing the Channel then linking the five continents to the swim.
Why the Dakar? ” Suzana (his companion, note) had asked me to stop my bullshit. And in 2015, it suggested that out again in an other madness , “says Philippe Croizon to VOD . To meet this new challenge, the four-amputee will be driving a Buggy, BMW 0X6, Nissan engine, two-wheel drive, specially designed for him. ” With the experience of a team of professionals led by Yves Tartarin, we can achieve this. The technology allows us today to realize extreme adventures such as the hardest rally in the world that is the Dakar. Like most of my other challenges, 99% of people say that this is not possible , “says on its website the man of all challenges.
Thanks to the company K.automobilité, Philippe Croizon’s Buggy has a Minimanche hydraulic system for the control of both steering, accelerator and brake, a custom armrest for support of the right elbow, a belt Six-point harness with central quick release and controls for secondary electrical functions in the door panel. On 9 December 2015, the ASO, Amaurey Sport Organisation, in command of the legendary race wrote his confidence in this unconventional competitor: ” With your unprecedented sporting experience, your temperament and your approach unusual challenges in All kinds, we are convinced that the Dakar will meet your desires and your expectations of extreme and surpassing oneself. Good luck for your preparation, and go to the start line in January 2017 “.