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Health 3 July, 2017


On the 29th of June last, Kate Middleton has made an appearance noticed with the inauguration of the extension of the Victor&Albert Museum in London. If her outfit chic has caught the attention of photographers, a detail preposterous, it has let off steam in the british press. A mysterious face appeared on the knee of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Unusual! Each output official, Kate Middleton knows how to shine. Both in her fancy clothes, even recycled, that you through his new hair cut as she did on Monday 3 July at Wimbledon. Sometimes, a detail can change everything and this does not escape the objective of the photographers.

A few days ago, on 29 June, the Duchess of Cambridge visited the Victor&Albert Museum, London, which opened its new extension. As usual, Kate Middleton wore an outfit very sophisticated, tweed, signed Gucci. A look at Jackie Kennedy. If this dress has not gone unnoticed as a whole, a mysterious form has caught the attention of internet users when Kate Middleton was crossing the courtyard of the museum. We would see a face! In fact, twitter has noticed this detail strange, exclaiming ” there’s a baby alien that lives on the inside of the knee, Kate Middleton “, as the tells OK!

And it only took a tweet to the entire canvas goes into overdrive and unleashes the English press. Several photos of her right knee has been circulating on the net and the comparisons are numerous. To the DailyStar,we see an extra-terrestrial, for others, this spectrum would be Casper, the friendly ghost! as stated in the DailyMail. Letting go a few reveries, it is possible to perceive a head, including both eyes, the trace of a nose and plump cheeks.

This is not the first time a face appears on the knees of the stars. Like the singer Selena Gomez who is she, would have had the head of Donald Trump on one of his kneecaps. Perceptible or not, these imaginations have the merit of making people laugh!

Kate Middleton Has a Baby Face On Her Knee

— goldenpolitic (@goldenpolitic2) July 3, 2017

Kate Middleton’s knee looks more like Iggle Piggle to me.

— Sarah Pring (@Louise287) July 3, 2017

Kate Middleton Has a Baby Face On Her Knee

— Lasgidi Online (@akpenejacob) July 2, 2017Kate Middleton

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