PHOTO – A writer of polar accused of murder: Faustine Bollaert begins to doubt her husband, Maxime Chatham – Gala

Entertainment 17 August, 2017


When Faustine Bollaert reads in the press that a writer polar is accused of murder, she cannot help but make the connection with her husband, Maxime Chatham, author of polar very dark.

An author of polar arrested for four murders”, is the title of the article from the Point on which Faustine Bollaert fell Wednesday, August 16. The former presenter of Best Pastry chef immediately made the connection with his own situation. In fact, she is married to Maxim Drouot, the father of her two children, writer of a thriller. Under the pseudonyms Maxime Chatham or Maxime Williams, the novelist, a 41-year-old has a degree in criminology before specialising in the detective novel, the art for which he has received the distinction of the Grand prix Blood ink in 2002 after the release of the Soul from the evil one. He is notably the author of The Trilogy of evil, the Promise of darkness , or The blood of time. A path which can be cold in the back and that scares them sometimes his own wife, Faustine Bollaert.

On the tone of humor, the new recruit from France 2 soon at the helm of It all starts today has retweeted the article to the Point appealing to her husband without anything to write other than “…!!!…!!!!!! “. Player, Maxime Chatham has shared the publication without any message to reassure his beloved. The subscribers of Faustine Bollaert are back in the game Maxime Chatham : “It might give him ideas, already, it doesn’t lack “, “The return from vacation is going to be complicated“, Courage, dear Faustina, they do not pass all to the act. “

…@ChattamMaxime … !!!!!!

— Faustine BOLLAERT (@FaustineFB) August 16, 2017Faustine Bollaert

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