PHOTO – Agathe Auproux of TPMP without makeup : in Corsica, the young woman prefers the natural Gala

Health 4 July, 2017


Agathe Auproux, the young columnist of the Key not at my post (C8), regularly posting photos of his holiday on his account Instagram. The young woman, who is constantly masked in a tray to pass to the tv, swapped powder and makeup for a clean complexion with no artifice.

Agathe Auproux panic the Canvas for a few days. On holiday in Calvi in Haute-Corse, the young woman takes advantage of a few days of rest to take in the sun and breathe in the sea air. And for having a complexion perfectly winged, the columnist of the Button, not my post (TPMP) has dropped the makeup.

On his account Instagram, she has her face in the natural. The photo shows hair in the wind, selfie, back to the sea. In the legend, Agatha Auproux says :”The filters and the makeup stayed in Paris”. And viewers were quick to agree on its meaning.”You’re very naturally beautiful” , “beautiful” , “You’re right ! The makeup flows with heat and especially you don’t need it” or ” Even sense makeup whoa “. In another photo again, the journalist went even more towards the natural, exposing his chest with a sideboobs worthy of summer vacation.

For some time, the journalist noted in the media for her pretty face and her plastic. In TPMP, the whole team had agreed to say that Agathe Auproux was very sexy in his passage to Fort Boyard. In parallel, she had a bad buzz on the web after that emerged out of old tweets deemed racist, anti-semitic or homophobic.

The filters and the makeup stayed in Paris.

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Photo credits : Agence / Bestimage

Agathe Auproux

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