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Entertainment 16 August, 2017


By posting this Tuesday, August 15, a photo of her on his account Instagram, Amel Bent has elicited a happy reaction among his fans. These who have warmly commended for his ” baby ” to come.

At the end of the month of June last, the magazine Publicly revealed exclusively that the singer Amel Bent was pregnant with her second child ; a piece of information that the interpreter of My Philosophy did not have to comment, leaving a lingering mystery about this potential pregnancy. Thus, even if the photos in the magazine seemed to see the singer at the pool of a luxurious parisian hotel with a small round belly, doubt was still allowed.


But to see the picture that the young 32-year old woman was released Tuesday, August 15, on his account Instagram, an answer to the question comes to be made in good and due form. And for good reason, Amel Bent appears to be all smiles lying on a sun lounger in a pretty plaid dress, red and white which lets you see her belly, rounded by the life that grows in it. Fans of the singer which are given to heart joy to comment on the happy but still non-official announcement : “Congratulations for your second baby ! “, ” Oh, a new baby Bent ! “, ” Amel yes you’re beautiful but snif you are not ready to return to us in songs…me I was waiting for your return with impatience. “


With this future baby, Amel Bent should as well give birth to her second child in two years, after the arrival of the little Sofia on the 6th of February 2016. A happiness that had been somewhat marred by the incarceration of Patrick Antonelli, the husband of the singer, for a case of fake driving licences issued to persons of the life media, such as Samir Nasri or Ali Baddou. For four months, the one that was revealed in The New Star had, in fact, had to care for her baby. But all of this, it is in the past now !


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