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Entertainment 13 December, 2017


As every year, the presidential couple has organized this week a great Christmas party at the Elysee palace in the company of several hundred children. Mickey and Minnie, two of the stars of Disney studios, were also of the party.

They have been more than 500 to be able to pass through the gates of the Elysee palace on Wednesday 13 December. Greeted by the wife of the head of State, Brigitte Macron, toddlers between the ages of 4 and 10 years old were first given a taste in the gilding of the salon Murat, the same one where each week the Council of ministers. All were then able to wander around the winter garden and the festival hall of the palace, asking the passage to the sides of the beautiful Minnie and the no-less-famous Mickey mouse. The two historical characters of the Disney studios had made the trip up to the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré to celebrate Christmas as it supposed to.

All smiles in the middle of the small troop, Brigitte Macron took the time to talk with many young guests, accepting willingly to participate with them in the game of selfies. The first lady, however, has not resisted the temptation of asking in the company of a couple of animation the most famous of the planet: Mickey and Minnie. Radiant, she even had the right on the picture to the presence of the faithful, Goofy, especially dressed as father Christmas for the occasion. The photo immortalizing this moment has since been published on Instagram by Pierre-Olivier Costa, director of the cabinet of Brigitte Macron. The presence of the three heroes Disney has also attracted the attention of the family of the first lady. His two daughters, Tiphaine and Laurence, have joined their mother, with their respective children. A large and beautiful family reunion a few steps from the tree of the Elysian, decorated a few days earlier by the couple Macron.

Despite a more than responsible, busy part of the morning by the heads of State meeting of the G5 Sahel, held in la Celle-Saint-Cloud, Emmanuel Macron, has been able to go say hello to the children invited to the Elysée. Arrived at the palace in the afternoon, the president of the Republic exchanged views with several small boys and small girls, some of them being the children of its employees of the Elysée palace, the other those of police officers, gendarmes, fire fighters or military fallen or injured in the service in recent years, without forgetting the part of the children of the association ELA (european Association against leukodystrophies). If he was unable to stay on-site for a small time, the husband of Brigitte Macron has also taken the time to kiss his daughters-in-law and his grandchildren. His public agenda not clear yet if he will be able to celebrate Christmas in their company, the 25 December next, or if it will be on official travel on that day.

Christmas in the Elysee

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