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Entertainment 17 August, 2017


After several months without taking the word officially, Brigitte Macron has finally decided to break the silence. At the end of the week, the wife of Emmanuel Macron will speak for the first time as first lady in the columns of the magazine It.

Since his arrival at the Elysee palace last may, Brigitte Macron has never taken the word officially as the first lady. Rather than opting for a big televised speech or to a speech intimate to the occasion of a rally to raise money for charity, the wife of Emmanuel Macron has decided: she will for the first time the speech as the first lady in a long interview given to the magazine It. The opportunity for it to address its commitments, its past life and that she shares today with her husband. The magazine provides, the first lady has ” dodged any question.

In anticipation of the publication of the full article, Friday 18 August, a few selected pieces of the interview have already been made public. Those about the lives of couple Brigitte Macron for example. If she jokes that “the only defect of Emmanuel, it is to be young ” that she, the wife of the president says he does not regret having said yes. If I had not made this choice, she says today, I would be moved to the side of my life “. Since their marriage, she follows and almost fascinated by the course brilliant and unexpected, Emmanuel Macron. “I was really taken aback one evening, concedes it, one of the second round of the election. Many have believed that after the first round we thought it was won. Wrong. We never even thought about it. “

Emmanuel Macron has yet won the debate on Marine Le Pen. When he took power, Brigitte Macron, it is automatically became first lady. Status bastard that the new president had hoped to formalize but which for much talking. Suddenly, the idea of an official role has for the moment been abandoned. The first interested explains: It is going to be determined, not by a law but by a transparency charter that will explain that I am not paid, what are my missions and the means. On the website of the Elysée palace, the French will be able to keep abreast of appointments and engagements of the first lady and this, the day-to-day. “What is important, concludes Brigitte Macron, it is that everything is very clear : like all those before me, I will assume my role public, but the French and now they know what means have been put at my disposal.

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