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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


Capucine Anav was taken to his rank on Twitter. The young woman has posted a photo where she poses with Jean-Paul Belmondo. Some internet users mocked the young woman, questioning his legitimacy to qualify as being an actress despite her role in the play The Bean on Saturday night.

Capucine Anav has left the show not Touch my position to dedicate himself to his passion, the comedy. While she plays in the piece The Bean Saturday night, the young woman has posted a photo where she poses with a monster of French cinema, Jean-Paul Belmondo. In legend, the ex-columnist explains : “Small time friendly between actors #surprise #Belmondo “.

It was not necessary any more for that viewers reacted. Many have made fun of the status of the actress that the ex of Louis Sarkozy assigns. “How to say that I only see a legend and a great actor on the photo,” commented a first-person, follow-up of “You do you really an actress?” , “Between actors? It is a valve? This is ironic? Then already compare Capucine Anav to a comedian this is funny but in this case there to Belmondo ???? It is a suicide attack!! “or “Why actors in the plural?” . Some go even further, make fun of the fact that Capucine Anav is output with several sons : “You are with your son or not ?” “Paul Belmondo to a son ?”

Other internet users have even come to the defence of the young woman : “She does theatre, she has the right to say that she is an actress. A butcher of 50 years in the business, or a butcher of a year of business, it is a butcher! “On Europe 1, Guy Carlier was down Capucine Anav with similar criticisms in his chronicles. Very affected, she had then replied to the antenna, and then burst into tears.

Little time friendly between actors 😜🙊 #Surprise ❤️

— Capucine Anav (@CapucineAnav) December 19, 2017

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