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Entertainment 8 August, 2017


The 2.2 million subscribers to the account Instagram Caroline Receveur just had the very pleasant surprise to discover the influence wearing a simple top transparent. An outfit is very sexy that allows one to see his chest free…as the blogger.

It is currently 23 degrees on the Island of Mauritius, a temperature that Carolina Receiver – who lives there currently with his companion Hugo Philip – decided to make the climb. And for good reason, the wonderful blogger of fashion and beauty 29-year-old, just posted on his account Instagram followed by 2.2 million followers, a cliché where wearing a top transparent, it allows a glimpse of his chest.


Truly a wonder for the eyes “and pointed to one of his fans ; when one suspects the presence at the end of the nipples” of piercings ? “. A shot that has so questioned but whose merit, once again, is to show the beauty of totally natural native of Epinal, which once animated The Mag de NRJ12, was able to convert brilliantly as influenceuse.


But to force to earn his living by praising brands on the internet, naturally imposed the idea of creating his or her own ; also a business woman assumed, the woman has mounted Wondertea, her small business whose concept is to sell online tea bags ” well-being “, ” detox “…there is Nothing to stop the former candidate for Dancing with the Stars, last November on the site of The Paris had referred to this new professional life : “When I am launched on the Internet in 2014, I thought not really. But, to my surprise, it worked immediately. So, I completely stopped the tv and I went to London to concentrate on my online activities. “. At this rate, the future holds yet beautiful and a great surprise to those who knew him smile.


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