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Entertainment 9 January, 2018


A statement full of love. Coralie Barbier celebrates its couple and especially her husband Stromae in a snap posted on Instagram, a photo of sunny on their last day of vacation.

Stromae and his wife Coralie Barbier are happy. Very happy even, if we are to believe the last photo published on Instagram by the fashion designer, who has shared what appears to be the cliché of a last day of vacation with the singer. The benefits of a swimming pool under a clear blue sky, in the middle of the nature. Coralie Barbiet has accompanied his post with a caption in the form of a declaration to Stromae, which she calls “my beautiful husband” – “My beautiful husband.”

The couple has just been through a difficult trial, then that Stromae has had to make do with significant health problems. The singer has even came close to suicide and was saved only thanks to the intervention of his brother, who had noticed that his psychological condition had degraded violently as a result of taking a medication against the malaria. Today, the interpreter of Papaoutai has recovered her health, thanks to the care and presence of his wife Coralie. Since a few weeks, and while they were formerly more discrete, it multiplies the pictures published on Instagram and the statements to Stromae. One more proof that he is now much better and has definitely left the disease behind him.

💙🌟Bye Bye paradise💙⭐️#mybeautifulhusband

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