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Entertainment 7 August, 2017


Never two without three!!! Cristina Cordula and her husband Frederic Cassin has this been celebrated three times on their marriage. The last year in Brazil, home country of the facilitator ; the opportunity to exchange a kiss for the less fiery.

After our marriage in Singapore, the city of Fred and Capri, the island of our love (the 6juin last, editor’s Note), the loop is closed with our wedding in Rio, MY CITY ! “these words have been written on Saturday 5 August with the” magnifaiiik ” facilitator 52-year-old in the caption of a photo posted on his account Instagram where she gives herself to see kissing her passionately as her husband Frédéric Cassin, 56 years old.


A kiss that is two years after the flamboyant Brazilian has formalized his relationship with his half coming accompanied to the evening launch of ‘Pink October’. Opportunity had thus been given to discover the face of this businessman, a native of Marseilles, founder of the company StarAsia specialized in the import-export of cosmetic products. Frederic Cassin that the former model has met in 2013 during an evening between friends.


A man as the host of the Queens of the shopping does not need to guide him in his choice of dress : ” He has a great gift of aesthetic and knows how to resolve it when I have a doubt. We love shopping both. But it doesn’t really need my advice : its look is top ! “, we had it entrusted to you. An interview in June last, in which the mother of Enzo, 22 years old, had also entrusted more intimately : ” I love it and I am convinced to have found my man. We all have both a lived experience, a past. At our age, we are less deceived easily by taking such a decision. When we agree to bind our destinies, we know that this is for life “. Yet all our wishes of happiness !

After our marriage in Singapore, the city of Fred and Capri, the islands of our loves , the loop and buckled with our wedding in Rio , MY CITY ! #HAPPYFEWFRIENDS #man #family #instahappy #love #love #amore @by_dussol

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Small preview of my wedding in Rio ❤️@by_dussol #crisetfred #mariageintime #iloverio #happyfew #lovefriends #lovefamily

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