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Entertainment 16 August, 2017


Cyril Hanouna appears in one of Paris Match this Wednesday, August 16, with her children Bianca and Lino in the arm. The facilitator usually very discreet about his private life reveals his family on the big day.

The image that we have of Cyril Hanouna is that of a facilitator of surprises surrounded by his chroniclers fetishes on the tray Key not at my post. Exceptionally, the presenter of the best paid of the PAF is shown with her two children : Bianca, 6 years old, and Lino, for 5 years in one of the magazine Paris Match. This is a facet that is still unknown to the man, 42-year-old that you can discover. “Cyril Hanouna, confession of a phenomenon” as the log.

“Baba” has always kept his family away from the hustle and bustle of the media. His wife Emilie and his two children are almost unknown to the general public. A year ago, Cyril Hanouna offer some snippets of his life as a father to the magazine GQ : “I have the impression that my children see me more as a brother than as their dad. (…) You put the music and we dance in their room”.

Very assured on the tray Key not at my post, Cyril Hanouna is much less when it comes to performing the important tasks of the family life : “I had an appointment the other day to enroll in a bilingual school. I was more worried that if I had an appointment with a boss. I was in front of the director, she asked me, I was not good”, admitted it in the interview.

On the cover of Paris Match, the facilitator asks the look perfectly happy and relaxed, away from the multiple controversies that have hit his show recently. Its two small protected are his “decompression valve”, as he confides to the magazine. At the start, Cyril Hanouna is back in service on C8 with a new issue of dating to 18 hours and, of course, not Touch my position.

Cyril Hanouna in fact the one of Paris match, or he entrusts himself and unfolds his life in the South with it’s 2 children of Lino and Bianca slide a right to see them

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Cyril Hanouna

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