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Entertainment 6 December, 2017


In a tribute to Johnny Hallyday on Wednesday, December 6, M Pokora is attracted in spite of himself the mockery of a journalist, but has been able to count on the support of the internet users.

This Wednesday, as everyone, M Pokora woke up the soul learning of the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday, who had died in the night from Tuesday 5 to Wednesday 6 December, after 9 months of fierce battle against cancer. And he desired him to make an ultimate tribute on Twitter : “Sad news… RIP Johnny… Huge respect… You will be missed “, he wrote in the caption of a snapshot illustrating one of his meetings with the idol of young people. As touching as it is, this message has, however, been at the origin of a huge clash with Bertand Hadet, chief information officer at BFM TV, who saw it as the perfect opportunity to tackle the singer of 32 years on his tribute album to Claude François : “It is not a reason to make a recovery , “he retorted.

Far from being intimidated, M Pokora was then defended by citing directly to the journalist : “You just keep making tributes on your channel, you’re not funny right there “. A response widely acclaimed by the users, somewhat shocked by this joke “in bad taste” : “It is clear that it is a little moved… “, ” But what a shame to say it today ! Well tell Matt “, ” Very stupid indeed. The people have no benevolence, they are so bitter’, we can read on the famous social network. This has the merit of being clear !

Sad news… RIP Johnny… Huge respect…You will be missed ❤️

— Matt Pokora (@MPokora) December 6, 2017

You happy you make tributes on your chain you’re not funny.

— Matt Pokora (@MPokora) December 6, 2017

Photo credits : AGENCE / BESTIMAGE

Johnny Hallyday, M Pokora

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