PHOTO – Denis Brogniart replays the event of the posts of Koh-Lanta in the heart of New York Gala

Entertainment 15 August, 2017


Safe bet of the stable TF1, Denis Brogniart, even on vacation, never loses an opportunity to promote the programs of the first channel, as shown by the funny picture he just posted on his Twitter account.

Two weeks of the dissemination of the new edition of Koh-Lanta, a tour in the Fiji islands, the opportunity was too good. Currently on vacation in New York, Denis Broniart, facilitator’s flagship TF1, Time Square has reproduced in a funny way, the ultimate test of the game adventures as it has since 2002. “Friends, I have tested yesterday the posts of Times square in New York city before the big return to #KohLanta in Fiji on the 1st of September #unusual “, he wrote on his Twitter account, in the caption of a photo where the top of his one metre ninety-three it hangs on a post of the ” Big Apple “.


A picture that its subscribers have taken a perverse pleasure to comment : “so Then, you have taken how long ? “, ” Has a view of eye, this test seems to be as easy as the posts of Koh-Lanta “, ” Next season in the jungle of New York ? “. Fans of the host of 50 years that will probably be the launch Koh-Lanta Fiji, Friday, 1 September to 21 hours on TF1.


A show that let us recall, is placed under the sign of the clash of generations. The castaways will be divided between the yellow team, the Coravu, that is to say, the young people, aged less than 30 years ; and the red, the elderly, and from 30 to 57 years old, also called, the Makawa. The twenty candidates who have traveled 16 532 kilometres from France to the archipelago of the Mamanuca with its splendid beaches, its preserved nature, and its crystal-clear water ; a paradise that could well turn into a hell for the shipwrecked.

The friends I tested yesterday the posts of Time square in New York city before the big return to #KohLanta in Fiji on the 1st of September.

— Denis Brogniart (@DenisBrogniart) August 14, 2017Denis Brogniart

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