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Entertainment 19 December, 2017


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The second daughter of Estelle Lefebure and David Hallyday, Emma Smet would be the future actor of the clan Hallyday after Nathalie Baye and her aunt Laura ? The young woman, just 20 years old comes to sharing on social networks a photograph of her drama course that she follows to London.

A new actress would she be hatching in the very talented clan Hallyday ? If we knew the modeling career of Ilona, the eldest daughter of David Hallyday and Estelle Lefebure, one discovers little by little the ambitions of his little sister Emma. The young woman who follows courses of comedy to the St Martin’s school of Art in London, regularly posts pictures of her daily life of young london. In her last picture, she seems visibly full course in dramatic art, working the art of the monologue. Among the many reactions to the photo, Estelle Lefebure, mother of Emma who says, in English, ” I am so proud of you “.

A mother-daughter relationship very accomplice who was illustrated on the occasion of the last campaign Mixa for which Emma took her first steps in front of the camera in the company of his mother, muse of the brand for 20 years.

Last September 17, Laeticia Hallyday had shared a video of the clan Hallyday meets on the occasion of 20 years of the young Emma. There was Johnny Hallyday, yet seriously ill, all smiles to wish a “happy birthday” to his little girl. A moving video together showing a blended family and united : David Hallyday and his wife Alexandra Pastor, with their son, Cameron, Laetitia Hallyday and Estelle Lefebure, the mother of the young Emma.

Squeezing that teddy🐻 it’s monologue day #actingschool

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