PHOTO – Filip Nikolic would have been 43 years old… his friend 2be3 Frank Delay remembers Gala


The member of the group 2be3 disappeared prematurely on September 16, 2009 has not been forgotten by his family and friends. Filip Nikolic would have been 43 years old on September 1 and his friend Frank Delay paid tribute to him with a publication on the social network Instagram.

On September 16, 2009, the singer Filip Nikolic, 35-year-old, and then dad of a little girl of 4 years, died in his sleep. His untimely demise, while he was preparing a solo album, has greatly affected her family and friends. Narrated by his wife, the former star of the boy’s band 2be3 suffered for many years from his return to the shade after the phenomenal success of his group.

This 1st September, Filip Nikolic would have been 43 years old and his friend always Frank Delay, he has signed a publication on the social network Instagram. The two men knew each other since childhood to Longjumeau, and have shared the glory in the 90’s. On the photo, the three members of the 2be3 appear young, smiling and carefree. Frank Delay, always a singer but now also an actor, has said of this portrait : ” for 43 years, this is the age that you would have today. The more we talk to you, least we forget thee. I embrace you, wherever you may be. “

Frank Delay was formed in 2015, for the 20 year phenomenon of the boy’s band in France, the group Generation boy Band in the company of Chris Keller (a former member of G-Squad) and Allan Theo. This year, Generation boy Band has released a 1st single unpublished heading a big Fan Of Yours.

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