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Entertainment 15 August, 2017


Enzo Castaldi, the son of Flavie Flament and Benjamin Castaldi, sharing a selfie taken with his ” mom ” in front of the sea. The ear to ear grin, mother and son share a beautiful moment of complicity.

At thirteen years of age, Enzo Castaldi is already a fan of Instagram. The son of Benjamin Castaldi and Flavie Flament has just published a photo, or more precisely, a selfie in the company of his ” mom. The young man adds a comment for more cute : “Mom, mom, madre, mama ! “. On holiday in Ibiza, the mother and her son spend a very good moment of complicity and tenderness. A little hidden behind the hair peroxides of his son, Flavie Flament smiles and looks at the lens with malice. Enzo, as in all his photos, offers his most beautiful smile.

Since the month of April, the number of subscribers to the account of Enzo Castaldi has more than doubled. Would this be due to his shots in the company of his dad and his mom, stars in the PAF ? Or the one where he posed arm in arm with Pierre Menes ? Enzo seems to enjoy sharing the good times spent with his family on the Internet.

Both of his parents may have divorced in 2006 (Enzo was only two years old), they were able to stay on good terms in order to preserve their son. The two hosts have since rebuilt their lives. Flavie Flament in the arms of Vladimir, a real estate agent. For his part, Benjamin Castaldi file the perfect love with Aurore Aleman, director of casting at Endemol, and may even perhaps soon give a little brother or a little sister to Enzo.

Mom, mom, madre, mama ! ❤️❤️

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