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Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Christophe Beaugrand was found in the same plane as Nicolas Sarkozy while he was on the set of the next generic of Secret Story. The facilitator has shared the photo with his subscribers.

Travel in economy class with Nicolas Sarkozy, Christophe Beaugrand is not income. The leader in the move to turn the next generic of Secret Story has taken on the plane in the row just behind that of the former president of the Republic. He was quick to share the story with her followers on Twitter by posting a picture of the famous seat in which travelled the husband of Carla Bruni, accompanied by a thick white arrow,” Here ! “.

In the airplane in front of me, there was Nicolas Sarkozy ! ButI don’t believe he comes with me to turn the new generic ” Secret Story “, commented the organiser, who is always the word to laugh. On the photo, difficult to identify the face of the ex-president of the Republic, but one can indeed recognize in her hair.

The presenter of Secret Story has inspired its subscribers that are made to imagine a season with Nicolas Sarkozy : “ It better not… What he must necessarily have a big secret… “, ” This is the guest of mystery “, “It would be really cool and would give them the next magic and surprise of ” Secret Story.” The former tenant of the Elysee, probably back from holidays, would perhaps not be of this opinion.

In the plane in front of me, there was Nicolas Sarkozy ! But I do not believe that he would come with me turn the new generic #Secretstory #SS11

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Christophe Beaugrand, Nicolas Sarkozy

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