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Entertainment 16 August, 2017


Guillaume Canet has not lost his sense of humor from his film Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll. On holiday in cap Ferret, the actor seems to have harvested fresh produce from his vegetable garden. With a lot of humour, the actor poses with his vegetables as a father holding his child in his arms. A beautiful declaration of love to the nature.

Guillaume Canet shows that he has the green hand. On holiday in cap Ferret, he harvested vegetables from his garden that have grown. On his shots Instagram, the actor poses lovingly with two huge zucchinis.

Always with a lot of humour, the star of Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll door the food as if he was cradling a child and was amused by the size of the cucurbitaceae. On the first picture, it holds a gigantic zucchini, green and caption: “#courgettedesciencefiction #leretourdelatroisiemecourgette #sextoys #ouch #faitesgaffequandmême #chernobyl “. On the second photo, it shows the “little sister” , a zucchini yellow colour, much less large but still impressive. “His little sister… #maviedecourgette #lespetitescourgettes #pluscestconpluscestbon “, has fun there.

Guillaume Canet has made his account Instagram the support of his humour, and jokes that he concocts with his relatives. Since his film Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll, the actor has taken a liking to communicate this way with his friends and his fans. He has recently filmed the cutting of his hair that he had bleached for the film Love is a feast. A color that it was difficult to appreciate, and he was delighted to make it disappear. He had also told the Gala : “Already, I find it hard to recognize me… When I see myself in the mirror, it is always a shock. I never remember that I am blonde so it is a bit difficult to see me… “. Question jokes, his favorite target was his wife, Marion Cotillard, whom he mocked with pleasure. Actress oscar winner has chosen to take a break from the cinema and takes the time to take care of her children, Marcel and Louise.

#courgettedesciencefiction #leretourdelatroisiemecourgette #sextoys #ouch #faitesgaffequandmême #chernobyl

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Her little sister… #maviedecourgette #lespetitescourgettes #pluscestconpluscestbon

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